Fighting toward 16 Mar

My study and determination yesterday led to me chanting 107 minutes since I wrote the last post less than 24 hours ago. This morning as I read through the New Human Revolution Volume 2, I came across this passage:

Shin’ichi thought to himself:

“The battle is now underway. There is only one more month left to this year and I want to make sure to bring it to a successful close The real struggle has now begun – each day is win or lose!” His passionate fighting spirit intensified.

With a month left to March 16, it was just the guidance I needed.

In Soka Gakkai, 16 March commemorates the day President Toda passed the baton of kosen rufu to the youth.

Quoted below from The Significance of March 16:

President Toda made an impassioned speech to 6,000 youth entrusting them with the responsibility for the future of the Soka Gakkai and its efforts to contribute to the creation of a peaceful world and promote understanding of the humanistic philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism. (…)

March 16 is now viewed within the Soka Gakkai and the SGI as a day of new departures, “of eternal beginnings and perpetual hope.” It is also an occasion for focusing on fostering capable youth.

Mr. Ikeda has stated, “It is a time when people renew their profound resolution to accomplish kosen-rufu, a time when they put their minds together and make a fresh start.” The Japanese phrase kosen-rufu is often interpreted as “world peace through individual happiness.” It signifies a vision of social peace brought about by the widespread acceptance of core values such as unfailing respect for the dignity of human life. On an individual level, it involves the construction of a state of life of indestructible happiness through a process of “human revolution” or inner-motivated change. On a broader societal level, it means building a peaceful society through contribution to their families and local communities made by individuals who are actively transforming their own lives.

I determined to fight valiantly each day in a win or lose struggle. This fight is with my suffering, my negativity and my fundamental darkness, with devilish functions attacking me and holding me back from fulfilling my mission. I will exert with all my might to win in this month! Every day I will redetermine, I will chant, read, study, reach out to members and resolve to do my human revolution and show magnificent actual proof of my practice.

Day 1 of this determination has been interesting. Very successful with chanting, dealing with physical pain, not so successful with food addiction. Anyhow, this is my journey and I will resolve to again pour daimoku into it tomorrow.

I will strive to do 3 daimoku each hour in addition to my one hour of chanting, centre myself throughout my day. I am going to wholeheartedly apply the strategy of the Lotus Sutra – apply the great medicine to all my illness.

On Friday, I am on a sick leave to do some medical tests. What good fortune to have a sick leave balance of greater than zero that I can allow myself some space to look after myself. My good doctor gave me all the paperwork and my supportive teams reminded me that my health comes first.

Yesterday when I was chanting, I wanted to figure out how I wanted to spend my Friday afternoon joyously and productively. I couldn’t find an answer and I thought I might go for a walk. Today one of my group members asked me if I wanted to go watch a movie. I have been trying to watch a movie for more than the last two months but not been able to find time, I agreed and we are going on Friday evening. It’s on, tickets are booked!

Gohonzon comes to the rescue again with the right opportunity presenting itself. I cancelled my health appointments, determining to focus on my practice as much as possible. Go inward and use my daimoku, rather than seek solutions outside of myself.

From this study material:

The desire to become strong and unshaken by any difficulty propels our human revolution. (…)

Nichiren Buddhism emphasizes seeking both the causes and solutions to our problems within our own lives. It stresses that by tapping the power of the Law innate within us we can change any situation for the better.

When I seek to fulfill my great vow, it helps me bring out my greatest potential which then is able to bring the wisdom to break through the shackles of my current suffering and shine the light to the way ahead. I have done this many times over the last five years and it really works. Luckily my primitive emotional brain has seen this many times so as long as I determine, I can continue to remind my negativity that this does work for me. And that a solution for my current situation will come from my life, from where the problem arose. I don’t need to know what or how but my life is perfectly endowed with all that it needs and I have the power of the universe inside of me, so I don’t need to look for anything externally.

This is the focus for the next month. Find and tap into my own power rather than go looking for it elsewhere.

And I’ll keep you posted on how this is progressing!

Peace & Love. <3


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