Nine Realisations of my Power

Today has been a day of many realisations that for now would have to be in a bulleted list because I want to get to sleep, yet not lose this sweet victorious moment.

  1. What’s happening in my life doesn’t matter as long as I am happy within. What brings that happiness within me is connection with myself and others. What brings that connection in my life is kosen rufu – the whole package – chanting, faith, study, engaging with others and striving to go to meetings/host meetings. Ultimately I could be like the happy 50 year old single ultrasound technician who has a cat and lives in a two bedroom apartment in a suburb alone – it really does not matter what is on the outside. I can strive to create happiness in whichever way, whatever takes me and motivates me to sit in front of the Gohonzon and chant.
  2. My realisations will evolve as I grow and the decisions I take will change. This is ok. It’s the journey of my growth and human revolution.
  3. True friendship is my greatest benefit in faith, including learning to befriend myself.
  4. Mike was my very very good friend in faith. Because of him I found closure and deep connection with Jai, not one that leads to conversation but deep knowing and joy that comes from someone knowing you. Jai was my even better friend in faith, he first served as the impetus for me to seek the practice and the Gohonzon.
  5. I don’t want to go to most health professionals anymore. I will do the one thing that works for me and go to my appointments with strong determination so the consultation is focused and directed and I get the healing I need rather than floating about in heals-lands (yeah I just coined a new word 🤣😝)
  6. I love to write this blog.
  7. I have no idea what will happen next, I can want anything just so long as I’m not chasing after it and just focusing on my practice.
  8. The benefit I can receive from the practice is really up to me. The person giving me guidance will speak from their point of view – it doesn’t define the limits of what I can receive. If I read Sensei’s writing or the power of consciousness, it really doesn’t need to be constrained by the current capabilities of medical science. Nichiren Daishonin lived to the age of 60 in the 13th century, I imagine life expectancy was pretty poor, he went through terrible hardship, came from an impoverished family and overall had the odds stacked against him. I can choose to believe in the power more than the person guiding me as long as I’m not chasing after benefit but striving to create my own reality and take responsibility for it. E.g. Suffering could be managing an extremely difficult diet or the discomfort from eating something new. Thankfully with my Chinese herbs, everything is constantly improving by leaps and bounds. If something happens that I’m not able to chant, that’s a red flag for me to seek additional medical advice, otherwise I’ll just do the practice and tune out everything else for now.

9. I’m thrilled to be seeing everyone I’m supporting through my daimoku having their own victories and experiences, even when they’re in the making. I’m thrilled to hear about them striving in their practice.

As Sensei said (SGI newsletter 9011)

Ananda, who was known as foremost in hearing the Buddha’s teachings, once asked Shakyamuni: “It seems to me that by having good friends and advancing together with them, one has already halfway attained the Buddha way. Is this way of thinking correct?”

Shakyamuni replied: “Ananda, this way of thinking is not correct. Having good friends and advancing together with them is not half the Buddha way but all the Buddha way.”

And no, I don’t have a 10th point for this post.

Nam myoho renge kyo.

Nam myoho renge kyo.

Nam myoho renge kyo.

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