Crystal Healing via Daimoku

Yesterday I went for a walk with my friend Zia. I suffered from terrible period pain and it usually starts to get worse at about the 8 hour mark. I texted Zia to ask her to go for walk anyway. For a while she didn’t answer and I thought maybe it’s for the best.

When she answered and asked me to meet at her place, I determined to get out of the house. I chanted my evening prayer and chanted to do my best and to have three life force to do my best.

When we were walking, I shared my struggles with the depression. She’s one of the sweetest people I know, one who has endured and healed and understands. So young and so wise, I feel she’s an old soul, older than me.

She mentioned using a crystal for healing at the difficult time of her life and asked me if I’d considered it. I said I had a few by my bed. She said that it’s good to pick one because too many crystals confuse your aura. Of all the ones I have, I could only remember Rose Quartz. We decided clearly that’s the one calling out to me.

She told me she used to tie her crystal up in her bun and one day she lost it, that’s the day the crystal had done it’s job for her perhaps. I carried the crystal on me all day, in touch with my skin on my body.

My period pain was 60% less. My clots were 70% less. I could sit through work all day. I had a big presentation that I could do and still not blackout. I could show care in a couple of amazingly frustrating situations today and kept my calm. I chanted an hour in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. I didn’t get annoyed when my group meeting got cancelled. I got past a disagreement with my sister really quickly.

My prayer and determination already helped me to find a solution. I charged my crystal by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, placed it on the table next to the butsudan.

There’s definitely a shift. I know it’s not a coincidence because I woke up in terrible pain where I could not move. Only after I’d showered and started wearing the crystal that things started to subside.

I’m stoked and delighted!

If you have period problems, give it a try – or find a crystal that calls to you in the crystal shop. I found a whole list of crystals that help with period here.

Mystic Law at work again.


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