More Wisdom

More on the subject of menstrual cycles, I’ve been challenging my fundamental tendencies this month around.

On my days 2-4 of my cycle, I came home from work and did something of value everyday instead of being doubled up in pain or collapsed from sheer exhaustion.

On Monday I cooked dinner, cooked lunch for Tuesday, and was all ready to go to a group meeting but it got cancelled. That gave me some time and room to rest but I instead talked to a SGI member in India for one and a half hours to encourage her and help her make sense of her situation.

On Tuesday, I came home chanted, ate and cooked lunch for Wednesday. I also studied NHR in my hazy state.

On Wednesday, I came home, chanted, spoke to a friend on the phone and visited my friend Mitra, then we went to dinner to celebrate her birthday. Now I sit here and write this post after having studied for the Buddhist training course I am attending on Sunday morning. Also on Wednesday morning, I resumed some of my exercise routine and did 100 squats.

The other wisdom that came about was my realisation that I need to drink a lot more water to stay hydrated. For many days in a row I woke up with a dry and sore throat. Now that I am chanting in alliance with another friend every morning, I find myself up before 7 am and before I leave for work at 9, I’ve already had more than a litre of water. The hydration is making a big difference. Less cramping and pain.

I also realised today that perhaps I am not tolerating fats very well, time to try reducing my fat intake from high fat to moderate fat and see how that works.

All wisdom based on my chanting. Gotta keep it working.

Karma is changing our tendency. It has been my tendency for as long as I can remember to be chronically dehydrated and not drinking enough water at all. Time to change this tendency.

Another thing I realised is, at the moment it is my determination to chant one hour every morning. And if I am taking longer to do it or things are happening slowly, I just got to give myself the patience and support and not give up my chanting to go to work early. I feel truly fortunate to have a supportive work environment where I can do this for my life. Thank you Gohonzon for finding me this workplace and project. <3

Look forward to the changes!

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