Beyond All Imagination

In my initial months of doing this practice, I came across a guidance titled – “How to Become a Person of Unlimited Self Esteem”. In this guidance, one of the prayers was, chant to believe that all my dreams would be fulfilled beyond all imagination.

Since then, when I am in a situation where I can’t even picture what success would look like or when I struggle to have a grand vision, I pray for my goal to be fulfilled in a way that is beyond all imagination.

A couple of months ago I started my new job, my dream job. The amazing thing is that two months into this journey, the dream continues and is indeed beyond all I could have ever imagined to have in my life. 

During the interview stage, I was praying to be successful in my interview in a way that was beyond all imagination.

In my first two weeks of joining, I passed a person in a hallway who seemed to be one of my interviewers. However, I could not be sure and could not remember his name. Sure enough, an hour or so later, Jeff sent me a really welcoming and warm email. He profusely congratulated me for having made through the process and he was so glad I had joined. He invited me for a coffee catch-up to welcome me.

When I met him later, he said that he was not sure if it was allowed but he personally wanted to meet me and tell me that I did really well in my interview. That for him, it was a very clear decision to recommend me to get hired, not on the fence as he usually sees. 

I heard him, I nodded and said that the recruiter had echoed some of these statements. I think I had trouble receiving what he was saying in myself, I assumed that I got the job so I must have done well. At the time, after joining I was starting to feel really anxious and overwhelmed, feeling like I did not belong.

As Jeff and I sat down to chat, he reiterated that I did really well in my interview, that I really knocked it out of the park. I nodded, still unable to receive. He probably observed this and persevered.

He said, “I wanted to personally meet you and welcome you. Often product managers who join here suffer from anxiety and impostor syndrome so he wanted to ensure I was aware that I had really earned being there.”

He continued, “You really knocked it out of the park in your interview. Not only that, after interviewing you, I have a new standard for the kind of people I must hire. That from now on anyone I interview and recommend for hiring must be at least as good as you.”

This hit me very hard. It was like being woken up from a deep slumber of self-doubt. In my heart, I went “WHOA!!!!”. 

I walked away with deep gratitude, a smile and the realisation that my prayer was answered. I had indeed been successful in my interview BEYOND ALL IMAGINATION.

Now to go on to use my daimoku to challenge myself to create this success every single day, to demonstrate what I can accomplish as a disciple of Dr Daisaku Ikeda.

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