Around the World Trip in November

This year I went on an around-the-world trip to fulfill my determination towards Nov 18. In July, I had the opportunity to attend a Trauma healing experiential workshop in a small town in the US near Boston. I had my doubts whether financially and physically I could make it happen. I chanted with determination and decided to register and base my trip entirely on my daimoku and my determination.

As the Daishonin says,

Buddhism teaches that, when the Buddha nature manifests itself from within, it will receive protection from without. This is one of its fundamental principles.”

The Three Kinds of Treasure

As it turned out, I joined a new job at my dream company in September. My flights to the USA were paid for by work and they even reimbursed the cancellation fee for my economy flight tickets while I booked tickets to travel on business class.

I found that my workplace had a policy of reimbursing a third of the cost of any personal development courses. I applied for this reimbursement for my healing workshop and was approved. This means I will receive more than 1000 dollars from my employer for my workshop.

My trip became three weeks long instead of two weeks and I could work remotely so I didn’t need to take days off.

A couple of weeks before I was about to travel, I had the chance to go to Paris for customer meetings. I was in a dilemma whether I really wanted to take on this exhausting challenge. I reminded myself of my vow to win towards Nov 18 and realised that I needed to make a determination to travel. I pledged to represent my mentor at each of these places I traveled to. Ultimately, I ended up travelling to Paris and my trip was four weeks long.

As a person who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, here is what I accomplished:

  1. For the first time in my life, I travelled around the world on my trip – Sydney – Dubai – Paris, Paris – London – San Francisco, San Francisco – Chicago, Chicago – Albany NY, Albany NY – San Francisco, San Franciso – Sydney
  2. I was in 6 long haul flights over 4 weeks and flew 80 hours
  3. I flew in Business Class and Economy Class and earned Gold status in one trip
  4. I went to visit SGI Centre in Paris and in Silicon Valley USA.
  5. I went to attend a Soka-han and Biyakuran meeting in Paris, Nov 18 meeting in Chicago and meeting at a pioneer member’s home in California
  6. I chanted with people across the world and shared my experiences
  7. I saw snowfall for the first time and helped push the car out of snow
  8. I checked in and checked out of accommodation with huge and heavy luggage 7 times
  9. I introduced one new member and connected many others to the practice
  10. I was away from Australia or India for 4 weeks while travelling for the first time

It was truly a mission of demonstrating that I can change the impossible into possible when I dedicate myself to vow to demonstrate the power of this practice.

And now I will travel to India again in two weeks, seeking to contribute from my vow, as I start to make headway towards 3 million daimoku.


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