I was listening to an episode of A Buddhist Podcast today. Towards the end, Jason gives advice to someone in Sri Lanka who is curious to learn how they can advance kosen-rufu.

Jason has very strict advice for them.

He said (and I paraphrase) the first thing is to stop using the word kosen-rufu where nobody understands it. The key thing for us as practitioners of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism is to remove the barriers between other people and ourselves. Language is the first aspect of this.

This struck me very sharply and deeply. I almost find myself attached to the complexity of things. I sometimes create barriers between myself and others to protect myself.

Time to let them go.

Here’s how Jason described kosen-rufu:

Kosen rufu

Create a society and a way of living based on the inherent dignity of every single human being

Where people yearn to bring out the best in themselves and everyone around them

People really make effort to make that happen and that happens as a result of people influencing their daily lives collectively and in society based on their boundless courage, wisdom and compassion they get from practising Nichiren Buddhism

Exercising influence of our boundless potential in society for the greater common good on a daily basis

Thank you Jason to help clarify this.

It also reminds me of the current situation wherein the teachings and practice are available in India in English only. This means that the poorest and most desperate people don’t have access to it. Have to chant to somehow transform this within my lifetime and look for the right translator somehow.